Canadian Savings Bond - How secure are these?

Summary: This article summarizes what canadian savings bonds are, two varieties of these, reasons for popularity and how these can be purchased.

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The Canada savings bond is offered by the government of Canada to investors from early October through April 1. These bonds were introduced in 1946 under the name "Victory Bonds" to serve as a viable and secure option for investors who wanted more security than mutual funds or stocks could offer. Before this time, however, Canada had trading instruments that were similar to Savings Bonds, such as the Canada Fourth Victory Loan of 1943 and the Canada-Dominion War Savings Certificate, issued in 1944.

Canadian savings bonds come in two varieties. The 'Canada Savings Bond' and the Canada Premium Bond are very similar, however the Savings Bond can be cashed at any time of the year, while the Premium is cashable only one time a year. Either bond can be purchased with a  registered retirement savings or a retirement income fund. Premium bonds will always have a higher interest rate than those of Savings bonds sold at the same time. They can be purchased in compound interest form or simple interest form, and one kind can be exchanged for the other at any time.

One reason that the Canada saving bond are popular is the security they offer to investors. Since they are backed by the government, they make an excellent addition to the secure portion of any portfolio.  In addition, Canada Savings Bonds have a guaranteed interest rate: they can increase along market lines, but never fall below a stated percentage for each investment period. They are an affordable option for almost everyone, with prices as low as $100.

The Canada Saving Bonds, which are available only to Canada residents, can be purchased on-line, on the phone, in person at a bank or from an investment broker during its six-month enrollment period. It can even be acquired through a direct payroll deduction, making them accessible to just about everyone in the country. And there are no brokerage fees involved in purchasing a Canada Savings Bond. With millions of Canadian investors purchasing bonds every year, the security of these bonds will continue to strengthen portfolios of investors around the country.